The Chicken Feed Podcast 2: It’s a Podcastful Life

In this heartwarming holiday special, Andrey, Fiona, Alastair and friends discover the true meaning of St. Crispin’s Day.

Also this month: George Bailey visits a world in which he was never born and meets a robotic dinosaur; guest musician Wes Mack performs his new single Ride or Die; Jason Statham finds himself in a violent love triangle with Jason Statham; and stick around to the end for some ENTICING spoken-word poetry!

This is the second episode of The Chicken Feed Podcast, a short monthly sketch comedy program(me). If you enjoy the show, please consider leaving a review, subscribing, or checking out more of our work at

By Andrey Summers, Fiona Revill and Alastair Craig.
With additional voices by Tim Morrison, Gord Myren and special guest star Wes Mack.
Produced by Alastair Craig.

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